All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda Book Review

Have you ever read a story backwards? Oh, no, you haven’t? Why is that? Ohhh, that is right. Because it doesn’t work.

Really, it is an interesting concept but the flow of this story is all wrong. It created a choppy, impersonal, confusing mess. Definitely do not recommend writing a story this way, let alone reading one.

This story is told by Nicolette Farrell, who left her hometown after graduation and hasn’t really been back. More than ten years later, she is living with her fiance in Philadelphia. However, her father has dementia that is rapidly progressing. She returns to help her brother sort out their father’s home, but this stirs up everything she had been hiding from. When Nic was in high school, her best friend, Corinne went missing. She was never found.

Soon after Nic arrives, another girl goes missing. The case is so similar as Corinne’s from all those years ago. Is it possible the same thing happened?

Like I said earlier, this story doesn’t follow the investigation in linear fashion. Instead it is told backwards. Chapter Two takes place on Day 15. By the time you reach the day the girl goes missing, you already know what happened.

Do you know why stories are often told in order? Because if you are trying to hide the big twist that the main character has already experienced, it makes it close to impossible to not have your character realistically react to the events taking place. For example, if something was to happen on Day Ten, events from Day Three would influence how Nic reacts on Day Ten. These events would still be pretty fresh on her mind. Yet, because the author cannot give away what happens on Day Three, we are left with an unrealistic, confusing story.

Some people have LOVED this story. I was not a fan. Part of me wonders if I missed something huge while reading this because I do not feel like I experienced the same stories as others. I didn’t find it thrilling or full of suspense. I honestly wasn’t into it from the start. I never felt myself enveloped in the story, dying to learn what was going to happen next. I wasn’t into the characters, finding them to feel fake and unnatural. I just couldn’t get into the style.

I wanted this book to be good. I tried so hard to like it. The idea is really amazing, but the author just couldn’t pull it off.

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