The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren Book Review

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Genre(s): Romantic Comedy, Romance

After reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah I needed something light and The Unhoneymooners was on my TBR. I don’t remember who recommended it to me, but it’s definitely not my usual read. However, it was just what I needed at the time.

So the story focuses on Olive, a girl who claims to be unlucky. Her career, love, everything, she just always gets dealt a bad hand. Yet, her identical twin, Amy, is ridiculously lucky. She’s engaged and was able to pay for her entire wedding by winning a series of online contests (Yup. So freaking dumb). But beyond that, Amy’s husband-to-be’s best man, happens to be Olive’s enemy.

Ethan and Olive went on a date a few years ago, but once Olive started eating some fair concession food, Ethan started to act disgusted, so now they hate each other. Basically, a huge misunderstood.

But then Amy gets a stroke of bad luck, the entire wedding party and guests get incredibly sick from the sea food buffet. Except for Olive and Ethan, who due to dietary needs and preferences, had opted out for different dishes. Due to Amy and her man being too sick to travel, give their honeymoon to Olive and Ethan. And of course, spending a week together in Hawaii, pretending to be a couple, they start to realize maybe they don’t hate each other all that much…

I think it’s worth clarifying that the book wasn’t actually bad. The writing is pretty good and it honestly was funny. However, the characters are two dimensional and frankly, just not creative. Olive was an awkward, klutz who didn’t know when to stop talking. She apparently had amazing boobs but was a little more curvey then she’d like. Ethan is cynical, aloof, and doesn’t like Olive, until, suddenly, he does. Oh, and he thinks Olive has amazing boobs. (Seriously, what’s up with the boob jokes?)

Look, I’m a sucker for enemies turned lovers, (can I saw CATRADORA)

But this was just… Not that. At all. You can call someone your nemesis all you want, but that doesn’t make them one. It’s apparent they don’t hate each other and enjoy picking on each other. They’re really more like an old married couple than enemies.

But like I said, the writing itself was well done. The dialogue was witty and made me laugh. The plot is predictable, but now so bad I knew exactly what was going to happen, so I wouldn’t count it against the book.

If you’re looking for mindless fun, this book would be for you, however, if you want something with a little more substance, pick something else.


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