To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Hann Book Review

Only a few years after all the hype, I’ve finally read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Hann. I enjoyed it in some aspects but most of the time I felt myself zoning out.

The story line is pretty simple. Lara Jean writes a completely honest letter to all her crushes, but instead of sending them out, she stores them in a hat box for safe keeping.

However, one day, she discovers the letters have been mailed, causing all her crushes of the past to come back to visit. This includes her first kiss, a boy from summer camp, and her sister’s ex boyfriend.

Now she has to deal with the awkwardness of this whole situation, but something good might very come from it.

My first problem with this story, is it’s characters. Lara Jean, for one, has no character development through the whole book, or at least not enough to really make a difference. She’s a very sheltered, immature, privileged girl, and at the end she is a sheltered, immature, privilege girl who now knows how to call people on the phone and bake cupcakes. She’s whinny, childish, and frankly, just stupid at times.

She wasn’t all bad though. Lara Jean was a quiet girl who actually had depth to her at times, which you don’t see often in the more reserved female characters. She was girly and unafraid to be so, something also not common in most YA characters. But over all, she just don’t do it for me.

Her best friend, Chris, is obnoxious and only personality trait is “slut” which is as ridiculous as it sounds. They never talk because her and Lara Jean are just so different. Their whole friendship seemed fake and artificial.

Beyond that, the romance in this novel was highly lacking. Throughout, Lara Jean and Peter make this fake contract to pretend to be together as an attempt for Lara J to get her sister’s ex-boyfriend off her case and for Peter to make his ex jealous. Slowly, Lara Jean starts to fall for him, but of course, she’s too dumb to realize he’s still totally fixated on his ex and could never really be there for her. So their relationship just kinda… Stops.

The most frustrating part of this book, is the conclusion is seriously lacking. I know it’s a series and I’m sure she needed the content to stretch out so she could keep writing, but I felt like we ended this book right where we started it.

Maybe this story just wasn’t for me or I went in expecting too much. But if you haven’t read this one yet, I wouldn’t waste your time.

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